Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the scariest haunted house in Wisconsin?

What's scary to us may not be scary to you or someone else, therefore we don't have an answer for this. The best way to find a haunted attraction that may be scary for you, is to read the descriptions of events, check what ages it's appropriate for, the scare factor and reviews from the Review Crew and visitors. Hopefully this will help you narrow down and find a haunt that scares you.

Where's the haunted house with 6 floors, 13 floors, etc., where you can get your money back?

This haunt is an urban legend and does NOT exist. Click on the following links to learn more.

Urban Legends - Chimera House

Chicago Refund Hoax

Where's the information about ghosts and paranormal activity in Wisconsin?

Our main focus is Halloween, but we do have a listing of establishments open to the publc which have reported supernatural activity.

If you have questions and/or seek more answers on paranormal activity, please see our Paranormal links page. There are several great Wisconsin sites listed where you can find more information on this subject.

Where's your haunted house located?

We don't operate a haunted attraction. We're just fans of all things Halloween and hope to make it easier for everyone to find local information for this spooktacular holiday!

Is working on the site your full-time job?

We wish! We have full-time jobs and work on Haunted Wisconsin in our spare time.

When will trick-or-treat be held in the town/city/village of ________?

All of the trick-or-treat dates and times that we know of are listed on the Trick-or-Treat page. If it's not listed on that page, then we don't yet know when it will be held. As soon as we become aware of the date and time for any town, city or village in Wisconsin it's added ASAP.

You can also contact your local police station or city, town or village clerk to find out what the date is, or when it will be decided on.

How do I submit reviews for events?

You must have a message board account to submit reviews. Click here to sign up.

In October, go to the Submit Review page and log in with your user name and password and submit your review.

Why hasn't my review been added to the site?

If your review is not showing up, it may have received a high number of 'not helpful' votes and is located under the 'All' tab. If it is not there, then your review may have been reported and removed due to content.

If you feel your review was unfairly removed, send us an email with your username along with the event you reviewed and we'll look into it.

How do I make changes to my event listing?

You can now login with your user name and make changes to your event as long as you provided your user name when submitting the event.

If you did not provide a user name or are having problems with editing your information, you can send Jenny an email and she'll make the changes to your listing. Please put "Updates Needed For (Event Name)" in the subject line and include where you want the changes made (admission, dates, description, etc.) Please be specific.

How do I add my site to the links section?

Send us an email with the Name of your website, the URL, a Description and the category you would like it listed under. We will then check your site to make sure it is appropriate for that category and for our site. If we find it appropriate we will add it soon after.

My Halloween event isn't in Wisconsin. Can it be added to your event directory?

Sorry, but we only list Halloween events that are held in Wisconsin.

If you operate an event in Illinois, please submit your information to You should also consider submiting your information to sites like and

You attended our haunted attraction last week. Why haven't you posted a review?

A visit from the Haunted Wisconsin staff does not guarantee that a review/overview will be posted.