Haunted Attraction Visitor Tips & Tricks

Use the following tips to make your next visit to a haunted house, haunted corn maze or haunted hayride more enjoyable.

Visit Early in the Season

Most people wait until the last two weekends in October to attend haunts, which adds to your time waiting in line. Go earlier in the season so you'll encounter less wait time.

Arrive Early

The later you arrive, the longer you'll wait in line.

Most haunts operate on a "first come, first serve" basis, and if it's a busy night, some close off the lines once they reach capacity. Arriving early will also give you more time to visit other haunts that night. However, do not expect them to be letting visitors through right at opening time. You may need to wait while they work through bugs from the previous night.

Best Bet: Arrive 30 minutes after their scheduled opening time or get their early and buy tickets first then head out for a bite to eat. When you get back, you should be able to get in pretty quickly.

Be Prepared to Wait in Line

It's just about guaranteed you'll have to wait in line. Later in the evening and closer to Halloween, expect wait times of well over an hour. Also, keep in mind there will probably be two lines. One for tickets and another to get into the haunt.

If the haunt calls the numbers on the tickets instead of having you wait in line to get in, ask what the estimated wait time is. If you don't feel like waiting, go out for a bite to eat and come back later.

Don't Over Schedule

Plan to visit only two to three per haunts per evening, if they're close to one another. Don't forget to include the wait times as well as travel time.

Call Ahead

Outdoor haunts such as corn mazes and hayrides may close if it's raining. Be sure to call ahead so you don't waste your time and gas driving out there.

Dress For the Weather and Experience

Although many haunts provide indoor waiting facilities, there are some that require you to wait outdoors. Check the weather forecast and be sure to bring a sweatshirt and gloves. You may also want to have a blanket in the car to help you warm up after you've been through the haunt.

Ladies, keep in mind you're going to a haunt, not a club. Do NOT wear heels or flip-flops! You may be crawling, walking/running on muddy trails and/or uneven stairs. Stick with sneakers.

The average low temperature in October is around 40 degrees, so be sure to dress in layers!

Keep the Lights Off

Don't ruin the haunt for yourself or others. Make sure you put away your brightly lit cell phones and glow novelties (which are sold at some haunts). Keep the experience spooky for everyone!

Have Fun!

Haunts are a form of entertainment and you should have fun going.

However, please remember that there was a lot of hard work and planning that go into them. Even if you didn't like the haunt (or any event) you attend, please be respectful and leave things as they are. Don't steal or destroy their property. If you had a bad time, talk to a staff member and tell them what you feel they should change.